The Documents section is where clients can access their most recent documents in a single client view, including statements, documents uploaded from their Financial Advisor, confirmations, tax forms, and check images.

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  • Most Recent Documents

    The Most Recent Documents section is where users can access all of their recent client documents.

    • A Your most recent document from your Financial Advisor
    • B Access all documents uploaded to you from your Financial Advisor
    • C Your most recent month-end statement
    • D Access all of your Client Statements
    • E Your last five Confirmations for your account
    • F Access all of your account Confirmations
    • G Your Tax forms from the last year
    • H Access all of your Tax Forms
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  • Document Exchange

    • A Review all documents sent from your Financial Advisor
    • B Review all documents you've sent to your Financial Advisor
    • C Upload a document to your Financial Advisor
    • D Shows when the document was uploaded for your review
    • E Shows how long the document will be available for you to review on Baird Online
    • F Enables you to remove a document from your view with Secure Document Exchange
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  • Statements

    View a copy of your client statements.

    • A Select from the dropdown menu to view a statement for a specific account
    • B Select from the dropdown menu to view a statement for a specific month or year
    • CAccess the client statement overview for assistance on reading your statements
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    Screenshot of different Statements, Confirmations, and Investor Communications screens.
    From left to right: Confirmations, Most Recent Documents, Investor Communications | Click image to enlarge.
  • Confirmations

    Access copies of your trade confirmations.

    • ASelect from the dropdown menu to view if a trade confirmation is listed by month, day, or year.
    • BSpecific trade information associated with each trade confirmation is listed.

      Click to open the PDF to view additional details about the trade confirmation
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  • Client Communications

    View your prospectuses, supplements or proxy-related information.

    • AClick to open any of the communications for further viewing
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  • Tax Forms

    Access to current and historical tax document information.

    • AClick to access an electronic version of your tax documents
    • BView our help menu for instructions on downloading your tax documents directly into TurboTax or a .CSV download for your tax preparer
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  • Check Images

    For clients with Baird’s Cash Management services, clients can view a copy of their check images.

    • AAdjust your view to show all or a select account
    • BAdjust your view to show all or a select check number, month or year
    • CClick on the View Check image to view the front and back of the check written
    Screenshot of Check Images page
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