Investing Tools

The Investing Tools section gives clients access to Baird Research, US Market Research and News, Portfolio Tracker, as well as the ability to create custom holdings price and volume alerts.

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  • U.S. Markets

    Access cutting edge market information and news.

    • AReview three major indices quote and performance information
    • BView other Market Indices, quotes and performance
    • CAccess the latest Market News stories
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  • Baird Research

    Clients can locate and read Baird's Research reports on Equities and Mutual Funds.

    • AUtilize the search capabilities to access the latest news and market stories
    • BClick on the Symbol to see other news associated with that security, or click on the Headline to review the story
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  • Market Briefing

    Browse Equity and Bond Commentary news.

    • ASwitch between Equity and Bond Commentary news
    • BView the Major Market Indices performance for the day (15-minute delay)
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    Equity Commentary | Click image to enlarge.
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  • Portfolio Tracker

    On our Portfolio Tracker page you can easily monitor a hypothetical collection of positions. In addition, you’ll have access to market news related to your own customized portfolios.

    • AAccess all your current Portfolio Trackers
    • BExport your tracker to Excel
    • CEdit your Portfolio Tracker
    • DUpdate your positions view (Classic, Day Watch, Fundamental, Performance)
    • EReview latest market news around holdings within your Portfolio Tracker
    • FDirect Link – Quotes Detail
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  • Stocks

    Search on nearly 10,000 publicly traded companies and return a list of up to 200 stocks which match your search criteria.

    • AEnter a company name, ticker symbol or search for news based on popular pre-selected criteria
    • BReview a 15-minute delayed quote, and the 52 week price range of the security
    • CView the security from a summary perspective, interactive chart showing price and volume history, and view detailed company financials
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    Screenshot of Stocks page.
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  • Mutual Funds

    Access a large selection of mutual funds, as well as a variety of pricing options, making it easier to find a mutual fund that meets your needs.

    • AView a list of Baird's recommended mutual funds
    • BClick on any mutual fund name, and view more details about that fund's performance history
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  • News

    Review the latest market news and business highlights for the day.

    • AUtilize the Search By Date Range or Search By Keyword to find specific news information
    • BClick on any headline to view the full news story
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  • Alerts

    Setting price and volume alerts can keep you informed about the securities you follow.

    • ACreate a new alert
    • BEdit how your Alerts are delivered
    • CChoose an Alert Type
    • DSelect a Symbol to Alert on
    • ESelect your delivery method
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